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Builders, Surveyors, and Property Developers: Work Less and Lower Your Stress on Your Next Project...

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Free Download: Telecommunications Services & Pricing Guide...

Inside this easy to use reference guide you'll find pricing for all our service packages, including:

  • Telecommunications installation and compliance (residential & commercial)
  • Internal NBN wiring
  • VC81 compliance documentation
  • Commercial trenching
  • Single residential telecommunications

Option2This pricing applies to builders, surveyors, developers and home owners of:

  • Single residential developments
  • Multi-residential developments
  • Commercial developments 

Formatted in easy-to-read tables, you can clearly see costs for each service, for specific numbers of new units in both residential and commercial developments. Use it on any device, or print it out and keep it handy for your reference when you are costing your next project.

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Work less and reduce stress on your next project. Download our pricing and services guide for free today!